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Water policy issues are inherently wicked—inaction over a number of years have left a series of challenging tasks unaddressed, and the involvement of multiple actors inhibits nimble decision-making. The Water Policy Internship offers a unique opportunity to help understand the various challenges facing the water sector (water, wastewater, and stormwater) in the U.S. and using that knowledge to find radically innovative or extraordinarily mundane ways to improve outcomes in public health, environment, and public satisfaction. The research will focus on questions that are highly relevant to current efforts to improve water policies, including regulation of contaminants, financing of infrastructure, and consideration of equity issues. The intern will gain valuable skills in researching science and policy issues; understanding the water policy landscape; communicating effectively in writing and verbally; and creating online visualizations of the research results. Work will be done remotely by the candidate in their home office. The internship is open throughout the year, and we request a minimum commitment of three months. The internship is unpaid, but we can help the intern seek funding or academic credit.

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