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Endangered Species

Fewer extinctions, more recoveries. A new generation of policies and practices can get us there.


All Americans deserve access to clean and safe water. Our environment needs clean water too.


Environmental markets, propelled by technology, can drive a new century of ecological restoration.


What's New

December 22.  We released an analysis of the revised Lead and Copper Rule issued by the EPA, which was covered by Circle of Blue and E&E News.

December 10.  We published recommendations for the Biden administration on endangered species policy.

December 1.  Our Water Program gained in strength with the addition of Maureen Cunningham as Deputy Director of Water and Katy Hansen as Special Advisor for Water.

November 23.  We spoke on democratizing water data in this podcast and webinar and highlighted the ongoing Water Data Prize organized by EPIC.

November 5.  We published in Science ideas for how the next administration can improve endangered species decisions.

October 26.  We're speaking on a panel about species conservation opportunities at the nexus of electricity generation, highway construction and maintenance, and pesticide use.

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An effective organization revolves around values that define its character and culture. These are ours.

Speed. When the planet's on fire, rapid innovation is better than slow and steady.

Pragmatism. We focus on ambitious but achievable solutions and believe that compromise and progress is more effective than purity and stasis.

Wall-less. Innovation happens more in places without hierarchies and where every person and every idea gets respect. We do that.

Honesty. We will acknowledge our efforts that work and those that do not, and we will not withhold innovation for political reasons.

Empathy. People who live in the landscape where conservation occurs need to be listened to and respected as residents. Their ideas and values  have often gotten too little respect.

Prosperity. We are committed to environmental progress and to prosperity for people because the most enduring and exceptional outcomes require both.