Our team of conservation experts is growing. All paid and unpaid positions are posted below.



We believe America’s water utilities can be more effective at strengthening customer trust, improving their focus on equity and health, and financing necessary infrastructure while providing drinking water and enhancing water quality and quantity for nature.  We are seeking a leader to help us, through a one-year position, evaluate some of the best opportunities to advance the country’s water infrastructure and develop strategies to do so that fairly address the needs of more Americans.  A significant responsibility for the Director involves interviews, cold calls, and facilitating dialogue among water infrastructure experts, community groups, tribes, and investors with water infrastructure interests.  We are seeking to hire this Director based in Washington DC, and someone with significant experience with utilities, water finance and the intersectionality of health, water, and infrastructure.  The position is for one year, but we seek to extend it based on funding.  If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you!   Contact us at tmale@policyinnovation.org to talk about joining our team.



Data can transform how we restore rare wildlife—how fast we do it, how efficiently we do it, and how big of a difference we make.  The Endangered Species Data and Policy Internship offers a unique opportunity to help conserve endangered species by improving our understanding of how the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) is implemented and using that knowledge to find radically innovative or extraordinarily mundane ways to improve outcomes for wildlife.  The research will focus on questions that are highly relevant to current efforts to shape the future of the ESA, including regulatory and legislative reforms.  The intern will gain valuable skills in researching science and policy issues; understanding how the ESA is implemented; communicating effectively in writing and verbally; and creating online visualizations of the research results.  We prefer candidates who can work in our Washington D.C. office at least two days a week but will consider remote work arrangements.  The internship is open throughout the year, and we request a minimum commitment of three months.  The internship is unpaid, but we can help the intern seek funding or academic credit.

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