EPIC News Items Archive


July 19. New Report - An assessment of Endangered Species Act Experimental Populations: More than 70% of recovery plans for imperiled species call for the establishment of new populations – our report reviews the 81 cases where a special ‘experimental population’ has been established in law.

July 12. New Report - Climate Smart Endangered Species Policies: New Endangered Species Act policies are needed to ensure we preserve as many species as possible as the effects of climate change get worse. Our report details five major policy recommendations.

July 8. EPIC hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss faster ways to replace toxic lead pipes. With panelists from Quantified Ventures, Corvias, AllianceBernstein, and ECT, we will explore public-private partnerships, municipal bonds, and innovative financing strategies to replace lead service lines. See our flyer for further details and speaker bios, and watch the recording here to join us.

July 7. EPIC published an op-ed in The Hill to talk about the crisis of confidence in our tap water and how to address it through our annual water quality reports.

June 25. Nationally-recognized endangered species policy expert, Ya Wei (Jake) Li, who has served as the Environmental Policy Innovation Center’s (EPIC) Director of Biodiversity since 2017 and helped found the organization, has joined the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.  “Jake Li is truly one of a kind,” said EPIC Executive Director, Dr. Timothy Male. “He has a set of skills that too rarely comes together in a leader in Washington DC - exceptional substantive expertise, creativity, tolerance of the risks associated with innovation and an ability to see other people’s point of view. This makes him extremely good at finding ways to move forward on issues that other people see as stuck.” Read more about the transition here.

June 24. EPIC hosted a webinar, "Addressing Water Affordability through Customer Assistance Programs" with a wonderful set of panelists from utilities and advocacy groups on June 24. See recording here. Our guest column on the same topic was published at Route-Fifty.

June 22. EPIC selected the City of Newburgh, NY as the first municipality to participate in our Lead-Free Water Challenge, with the remaining four municipalities to be selected in early July. More on this selection here.

June 22. We published an article on increasing the capacity of the State Revolving Fund program in Water Finance & Management.

June 3. In collaboration with more than 30 climate-, water- and conservation-focused data tech businesses, investors and non-profits, we shared a concept piece with White House offices, calling for the creation of a federal Digital Service for the Planet.

May 24. We released a report on how customer assistance programs offered by water utilities for low-income customers are failing to meet their potential. See press release.

April 15. We launched the Lead-Free Water Challenge, a program for small municipalities and utilities, where we will provide technical assistance and resources, to help remove lead pipes. See press release. We are also hosting a webinar, "Tackling Lead Service Line Replacement in Small Municipalities" on April 15 at 1pm ET. Register here.

April 2. We released a statement on the water policy highlights of the Biden administration's infrastructure plan. Circle of Blue and E&E News interviewed EPIC staff for our insights on plan implementation and details.

March 1. We released a report highlighting accessible and easy to understand design options for water quality reports.

February 26. We published an article in the American City and County highlighting the stories of small communities working toward lead pipe removal. Our interviews with civic leaders from these communities are captured here, as well as a call for greater oversight of lead testing in California's school.

February 1. We released a report on improving endangered species mitigation.

January 15. Five design submissions were awarded the Water Data Prize. Discussions with utilities, state agencies, and EPA are ongoing to incorporate these design elements in water utility communication.


December 22.  We released an analysis of the revised Lead and Copper Rule issued by the EPA, which was covered by Circle of Blue and E&E News.

December 10.  We published recommendations for the Biden administration on endangered species policy.

December 1.  Our Water Program gained in strength with the addition of Maureen Cunningham as Deputy Director of Water and Katy Hansen as Special Advisor for Water.

November 23.  We spoke on democratizing water data in this podcast and webinar and highlighted the ongoing Water Data Prize organized by EPIC.

November 5.  We published in Science ideas for how the next administration can improve endangered species decisions.

October 26.  We're speaking on a panel about species conservation opportunities at the nexus of electricity generation, highway construction and maintenance, and pesticide use.

October 16.  We published an analysis of public comments submitted to the EPA related to the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions using natural language processing tools.

October 6.  We published a policy brief describing a visualization tool to assess opportunities for water utility consolidation at the state level.

September 15.  Our policy memo on water shutoffs and equity was published by South Strong, an initiative of the Southern Economic Advancement Project.

June 10.  We are hiring for a Chesapeake Bay Conservation Finance Fellow.

May 1.  We hosted a webinar (slides here) for nonprofits working on conservation and national defense, as part of the release of our April 15th report on conservation and the military mission.

April 23.  Our new report discusses how data technology can help restore our planet.

April 15.  We released our report and summary on opportunities to advance conservation and the military mission. The report was the result of over a year of workshops and research involving many Dep't of Defense staff and their conservation partners.

April 8.  Working with University of Illinois and others, we helped develop a conservation plan for the monarch butterfly--the largest of its kind under the ESA.

April 7.  We helped develop a first-of-its-kind agreement to allow Iowa municipalities to address water quality by working with farmers.

Jan 30.  We commented on Democratic Presidential candidates' water policy proposals in the Circle of Blue.



Dec 12.  We reviewed Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Blue New Deal and its freshwater governance policies in the Circle of Blue.

Dec 12.  We participated on a panel discussion, convened by Resources for the Future and moderated by Michael Doyle of EENews, on how the revised ESA regulations could be implemented and what future rulemakings are possible.

Nov 7-8.  Together with EPRI, we cohosted a workshop on data science applications for managing environmental impacts in the electric power sector.

Oct. 31.  We presented on Sandboxing Nature at the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit.

Oct 29.  We presented at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation's endangered species conference on ESA section 4 issues.

Oct 9.  Our Sandboxes for Nature paper is featured on Ecosystem Marketplace.