EPIC News Items Archive


April 23.  Our new report discusses how data technology can help restore our planet.

April 15.  We released our report and summary on opportunities to advance conservation and the military mission. The report was the result of over a year of workshops and research involving many Dep't of Defense staff and their conservation partners.

April 8.  Working with University of Illinois and others, we helped develop a conservation plan for the monarch butterfly--the largest of its kind under the ESA.

April 7.  We helped develop a first-of-its-kind agreement to allow Iowa municipalities to address water quality by working with farmers.

Jan 30.  We commented on Democratic Presidential candidates' water policy proposals in the Circle of Blue.



Dec 12.  We reviewed Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Blue New Deal and its freshwater governance policies in the Circle of Blue.

Dec 12.  We participated on a panel discussion, convened by Resources for the Future and moderated by Michael Doyle of EENews, on how the revised ESA regulations could be implemented and what future rulemakings are possible.

Nov 7-8.  Together with EPRI, we cohosted a workshop on data science applications for managing environmental impacts in the electric power sector.

Oct. 31.  We presented on Sandboxing Nature at the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit.

Oct 29.  We presented at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation's endangered species conference on ESA section 4 issues.

Oct 9.  Our Sandboxes for Nature paper is featured on Ecosystem Marketplace.